Meet Forbidden


-What Is Forbidden?-

Forbidden is the premier online retailer for body jewelry. Forbidden Body Jewelry integrates prestige and fun. We erase the stigma associated with body jewelry.  You come here for a seamless and impeccable shopping experience.  


-Why YOU'RE Forbidden-

You now have a healed piercing, but where do you go to buy your next piece of jewelry? The tattoo shop is a drive away and rather expensive. You feel out of place at the mall stores that sell feather boas or have all of the lights turned off. That's why you're perfect for Forbidden. We select our body jewelry for the fun loving individuals with a boss personality. We welcome you!


-Our Products and Promise-

Forbidden supplies the most superior products on the market. Our sources provide us with the highest-grade metals that are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. All of our pieces are lead and nickel free and are constructed with 316L Surgical Steel or Titanium as the base metals. We offer pieces with nickel free 14K Gold or .925 Sterling Silver plating as well as Titanium Anodized plating. Each individual piece is inspected for durability, gem quality and functionality. After our pieces pass inspection they are hygienically packaged in house by our enthusiastic and motivated team. Our packaging materials are made in the U.S. and are chemical free. Each package arrives in pristine condition in sealed and tamper proof packaging. In the rare case the packaging is damaged during transit, we will happily replace your item at no additional cost to you. At Forbidden, we pride ourselves on our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and unparalleled customer service. We are here to answer any and all questions you have during and after the purchase process.

We've built our company on trust, customer satisfaction, and vision. When you buy from us you know exactly what you're getting. We only offer hypoallergenic and lead free body piercing jewelry. We offer individualized advice for body piercing jewelry and give recommendations to help you find the right piece for you. You can't find that anywhere else online.  We also offer free returns on everything, even if you've tried on the jewelry.



-Past, Present, and Future-

 Forbidden Body Jewelry originated in Phoenix, Arizona and has since relocated to Des Moines, Iowa. Courtney Price began the company when she saw a void for amazing body jewelry online retailers. She knew immediately that she wanted to create an amazing shopping experience and offer quality products for people. She began Forbidden's journey when she lived in Phoenix in March of 2013 with her business partner and boyfriend, Jeremy Larsen of Des Moines. Several months later, she moved to Des Moines and the company grew to needing additional help. Today we have a small team of employees and have since grown to be one of the leading sellers of body jewelry in e-commerce.  


-Meet Our Team-

The team at Forbidden is the reason we are here today. Our team is the reason we can offer you an unmatched buying experience. Courtney is the Founder and CEO of Forbidden Body Jewelry. Her expertise and knowledge of body jewelry is the reason that Forbidden sells the most fashionable pieces without sacrificing quality. Abbey is our Inventory Specialist. She foresees and matches trends to make sure we are always stocked. Abbey is the reason we NEVER run out of stock. Shawn is our Peace of Mind Specialist. He takes care of any and all customer inquiries and is one of the biggest reasons for our unmatched customer service. Kourtney is the head of Quality Control and Shipping. She ensures that each piece is on par with our high standards and fulfills orders upon receipt so that we are able to offer free three day shipping. Diana is the Artistic Creator and infuses the office with tons of creative energy. Mo is our Director of Digital Media. She makes sure that every product you see online represents what it looks like in person.